Episode 4 of The Doctors and Dollars podcast continues the interview of Dr Stephanie Pearson by hosts Vijay Kini and Jordan Frey. This is the second of a two part interview with Stephanie who is an OBGYN. Ten years into her practice, she experienced a work related injury. She had to give up clinical work and experienced significant emotional distress. Her disability insurance policies were inadequate to cover her loss of income. After trying her hand at numerous non-clinical gigs, she settled on a second career as a disability insurance broker and advisor. 


The first season of the Doctors and Dollars podcast is sponsored by 1752 Insurance1752 Insurance is a disability and life insurance company serving physicians across the United States. They represent the top insurance companies to ensure you get the best company for your needs. Their goal is to help you answer the question, “What if something happens to me?” They are dedicated to helping physicians protect their livelihoods with customized, own-occupation disability insurance solutions with up to a 20% discount. Request a quote or learn more about the policies available to you today.


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